Myanmar: Helping detainees reach home safely

To some, home means everything. To us, how they get there is just as important.

Nearly 25,000 detainees, out of almost 100,000 in Myanmar, were recently released following this year's Presidential pardon. As part of our efforts to help those released, in April 2020, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) helped 2,184 people reach home safely and with dignity as part of our 'Safe Return Home' programme.

Together with Myanmar Red Cross, our teams provided financial support covering transport fees, food, water, soap for each person travelling back to their hometown.

This year, our teams adapted our processes to minimise COVID-19 risks for the newly released detainees and their families. Teams maintained required physical distancing, wore protective masks and gloves while each person was also given leaflets which outlined key COVID-19 prevention measures and safe practices.

In 2019, we supported over 6,400 people and we continue our efforts to ensure a safe and dignified return home for released detainees in 2020.