North Kivu: ICRC cares for the wounded and calls for restraint

Geneva/Beni (ICRC) – The ICRC has been providing medicines and other essential medical supplies to health-care facilities around Beni to help deal with the influx of patients caused by a deterioration in the humanitarian situation in the area. More than 30 people have been treated so far.

"We are calling on everyone involved to exercise restraint. Civilians should not be targeted, and humanitarian organizations, health-care facilities and health-care personnel should be allowed to do their work." said Nour Khadam, the head of the ICRC's office in Beni.

The wounded are being transported to hospitals and other facilities supported by the ICRC, including a referral hospital in Beni, where ICRC teams have been providing surgical training to the staff for the past several months.

Since 19 November, these facilities have treated five people wounded in the attacks in Beni, and another 27 people wounded in the demonstrations that have broken out in recent days.

In addition to the antibiotics and supplies to treat the wounded already being provided, two tents and twenty beds and mattresses have been sent by convoy to help expand the referral hospital in Beni, along with enough materials to treat 50 people with gunshot wounds.

As soon as the security situation allows, the ICRC intends to assess the needs of the people who have been displaced or otherwise affected by the violence.