South Sudan: Urgent need for food and water

10 June 2015

The recent upsurge in violence in South Sudan has forced thousands of people from their homes, and has caused an acute shortage of food in many areas.

Thousands face starvation in South Sudan


2 million people

forced to flee their homes.


100,000 people

have fled in the last 4 weeks alone.

The ICRC is appealing to donors for 22 million Swiss francs. With these funds:

340,000 people will receive food. 
300,000 will receive seeds, tools and fishing kits.
800,000 livestock animals' health will be preserved, ensuring the livelihoods of 120,000 people.
180,000 people will be provided with drinking water.
5 additional mobile surgical teams will ensure that thousands of people receive lifesaving health care.
Urgent action is needed. Donate to help the people of South Sudan.