COVID-19: Emergency aid distributed in 24 Sri Lanka districts

The International Committee of the Red Cross, along with the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, carried out an emergency relief distribution drive in 24 districts of the country.

Those receiving the aid included members of the most vulnerable sections of society whose lives and livelihoods have been threatened by the pandemic.

The distribution was part of our response plan to COVID-19 that has been developed in line with national priorities and aimed at supporting the authorities in their efforts to control the spread of COVID-19.

Working in partnership with the National Society branches and volunteers, we provided relief packs containing food ration to 1,500 households and cash vouchers to 5,700 households.

One pack of food ration or cash voucher helps to cover the requirement of a five-person household for one week. It contains staples such as rice, lentils, sprats, gram, sugar, salt, wheat flour, salt, beans, canned fish, etc. Multipurpose cash vouchers help households to cover essential needs according to their choice.

The objective of the relief assistance is to improve the daily food consumption of households that are most vulnerable and to maintain acceptable levels of nutrition and hygiene conditions in a short period until other support mechanisms and sustainable measures become effective.