"In their own words": how the conflict in Syria has turned their lives upside down

“In their own words” is a multimedia experience developed by the ICRC and published alongside the report “A Decade of Loss: Syria’s Youth after 10 Years of Crisis”. Five young people from Syria explain how the conflict has impacted their lives.
Article 15 March 2021 Syria

Their names are Iman and Fatima, Rami and Taher. Ten years ago, they had childhood dreams, - visions for their future, like most kids have.

In 2011, their lives changed: the conflict in Syria ended an adolescence that was just beginning to bloom.

"In their own words", five young Syrians recount a painful chapter in their lives.
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They told us about their experience of a decade of crisis: the violence that creeps in everywhere, the wounds, visible or hidden, that remain despite the years, the difficulties in rebuilding and trying to move forward with their lives.

Some have fled, others are still in Syria, and everyone has had to revise their plans or accept the fact they no longer exist.

"But now we're forced to accept the reality and accept the only route we have. The crisis has changed our dreams and limited them." Rami

What are their lives made of today? How do they view the last ten years? And what hopes do they hold for the decade to come?

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