Support relationships in armed conflict: reducing the humanitarian risks of arms supply


Speakers & panelists


Maya Brehm

Legal Adviser, Arms and Conduct of Hostilities Unit, ICRC

Thomas Hallier

Head of Support Relationships in Armed Conflict Initiative, ICRC

Mira K. Resnick

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Security, State Department, United States of America

Nicolas Bieri

Expert in the Arms Control and Arms Control Policy section, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Switzerland

Cindy Ebbs

Acting Co-Director, Control Arms

About the event

No one fights wars alone, and arms supply is a key form of support that parties to conflict can receive. The provision of arms, ammunition and other equipment gives rise to a variety of risks to civilians and others not taking part in hostilities, and can have indirect and longer-term negative humanitarian consequences. States supporting parties to armed conflict by providing the means by which wars are fought can and must adopt practical measures to reduce the cost of war.

Through the Support Relationships in Armed Conflict Initiative, and with the publication of Allies, Partners and Proxies: Managing Support Relationships in Armed Conflicts to Reduce the Human Cost of War, the ICRC engages with States and other stakeholders to identify practical measures to improve the protection of civilians and others not fighting in support relationships.

At this virtual panel event, State and non-State experts will explore the humanitarian risks of arms transfers as a form of support to parties to armed conflict and concrete steps to prevent and mitigate them, including post-delivery measures.

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