detainees in 17 federal and regional prisons were visited
free phone calls were facilitated for South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian migrant returnees from Yemen and the Middle East
Red Cross messages were exchanged among family members separated by conflict and violence
people who have returned to their places of origin in Southern Nations, Oromia and Gambella were provided with staple seeds and agricultural tools
members of local communities hosting South Sudanese refugees in Etang Woreda, Gambella region, were provided with staple seeds and agricultural tools
people in Tigray and Afar regions were provided better access to clean water and sanitation services through the maintenance/building of hand pumps and sanitation facilities
people with physical disabilities were provided with free rehabilitation services
Over 700
members of federal and regional police forces were trained on the use of force and firearms, jointly with regional police training centres
Over 40
senior Ethiopian army and air force officers participated in a six-day train-the-trainer course on international humanitarian law, in collaboration with the National Defence Force

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