South Sudan news

Follow the latest South Sudan news. In South Sudan, the ICRC helps conflict-affected communities survive and become self-sufficient, we reunite South Sudanese families dispersed by conflict and visit places of detention.

The ongoing civil war in South Sudan has led to a severe deterioration of humanitarian conditions in the country. The conflict has claimed innumerable lives and left millions forcibly displaced from their homes and unable to meet even their most basic needs. Levels of acute insecurity reached an all-time high in 2017 with six million people unable to provide sufficient amount of food.

In April 2018, a distribution of seeds and farming tools for approximately 24,600 people was interrupted after armed men attacked the ICRC compound in Leer, South Sudan, forcing staff to evacuate and program activities to be suspended.

Gunshots were directly fired at the ICRC field base in Leer just after midnight on April 10th. One ICRC guard suffered minor injuries to his leg and received medical care in Leer. Eight ICRC staff were evacuated to Juba the following morning.

As a neutral and independent organization, the ICRC maintains dialogue with all the parties to the conflict to garner their support for its humanitarian work and access to communities affected by the conflict. As the conflict continues in its fifth year, the ICRC remains committed to protecting and assisting people affected by the conflict in South Sudan.