Decades of armed conflict have left 8.8 million victims in Colombia. Urgent humanitarian challenges include: supporting communities affected by violence, helping the families of missing people, and advocating for the protection of migrants.

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In numbers

In 2020, our work helped 1.198.000 people This was possible thanks to our cooperation with the Colombian Red Cross and other partners.

  • 757.800
    People living in conflict zones saw an improvement in their living and sanitary conditions thanks to the support we provided to communities, migrants, health-care facilities and prisons.
  • 355.900
    Migrants and members of their host communities received support and assistance.
  • 261.490
    Phone calls, Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile phone battery charging services helped migrants and victims of conflict to contact their loved ones.
  • 106
    Families of the missing were given information on the whereabouts of their loved ones: 75 missing people were found alive.

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