In Colombia, the ICRC protects civilians, helps displaced Colombian people and conflict-affected communities, visits detainees, promotes international humanitarian law, helps people affected by weapons contamination, shares news and information about Colombia and cooperates with the Colombian Red Cross and other Movement components active in Colombia.

In numbers

In 2017

  • 690
    relatives of missing people received support and were advised of their rights.
  • 12,000
    people now enjoy better hygiene conditions, access to water and community infrastructure.
  • 12,000
    living in areas affected by explosive devices learned how to avoid accidents.
  • 3,300
    displaced people were given food and other essential supplies or cash assistance to support them through the crisis.
  • 11,320
    disabled people benefited from physical rehabilitation at centres we support.
  • 107
    minors removed from armed groups took steps towards building a new life.

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