In Georgia, the ICRC restores family links, works to clarify the fate of missing persons and supports their families. We help people affected by the administrative boundary lines, improve living conditions for people affected by past conflicts, support mine victims, visit detainees and promote international humanitarian law.

Latest Update
In numbers

Between January and September 2016:

  • 154
    sets of data about missing persons were collected from their families
  • 75
    sets of human remains, plus body parts from 4 gravesites, were recovered in Georgia/Abkhazia, and analysed with forensic support from the ICRC
  • 489
    mine victims and 161 families of missing persons received cash grants for their income-generating activities
  • 454
    Red Cross messages were exchanged between separated families
  • 181
    people living in and around Tskhinvali received help in crossing administrative boundary lines to obtain medical attention; 149 of them urgently needed medical care
  • 75
    visits were conducted in 16 different places of detention in order to assess living conditions and the treatment of detainees