In Georgia, the ICRC helps to reconnect families separated by conflict and support people whose lives are affected by the administrative boundary lines. We seek to clarify what happened to missing people and provide support to their families. We visit detainees, working to improve their living conditions and those of people affected by past conflicts, while always promoting international humanitarian law.

Latest Update
In numbers

In 2021

  • 28
    missing people’s remains, related to the 1990s and 2008 armed conflicts, were identified and handed over to their families
  • 213
    medical evacuations were organized across the administrative boundary line, ensuring access to health care for 190 patients
  • 1,113
    elderly people living in remote areas and people with disabilities were provided with walking aids, and food supplies and hygiene items to last several months. They were also given information on COVID-19 preventive methods and vaccination
  • 674
    households (about 2,000 people) were given essential household items, food, firewood and hygiene parcels and were provided support to access medical treatment
  • 224
    armed forces personnel of various command levels, as well as military lawyers, received training in IHL
  • 41
    Red Cross messages were exchanged between detainees and their family members
  • 10
    visits were conducted in 7 different places of detention to facilitate sharing family news, and assess the living conditions and treatment of detainees