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The regional delegation for the UK and Ireland builds support for the ICRC’s global operations and furthers understanding of international humanitarian law (IHL).

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Our work in the United Kingdom

The ICRC’s regional delegation for the UK and Ireland focuses on humanitarian diplomacy to build support for our global operations and IHL. We engage with the UK government, armed forces, members of civil society and other parties to bolster support for IHL and principled humanitarian action. We promote the protection of detainees and restoration of family links. We also support community-based efforts to mitigate the consequences of violence in Northern Ireland. The ICRC works with the British Red Crosss in various areas, notably to promote IHL and the work of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Other country we support: The ICRC’s work in Ireland is supported by our regional delegation in London. For more information, please visit the Ireland country page. 

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Our work with the British Red Cross and other National Societies

In the UK we work with the British Red Cross on a wide range of matters, including humanitarian action, IHL, media and events.