ICRC Annual Report 2013: Press conference - VIDEO

14-05-2014 Annual Report

ICRC president Peter Maurer presented the ICRC Annual Report 2013 at a press conference in Geneva on 14 May 2014.


One year – seven countries

In 2013, the ICRC worked to protect and assist millions of people in armed conflicts and other situations of violence. This is a snapshot of activities in the top seven operations of the ICRC last year.

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Expenditure by country


In 2013:

  • More than 6.7 million people received aid in the form of food and more than 3.4 million received aid in the form of essential household and hygiene items;
  • The ICRC's water, sanitation and construction projects benefited some 28.7 million people – the majority of whom were women and children;
  • Over 8.2 million patients received treatment at ICRC-supported health facilities;
  • ICRC delegates visited over 750,000 detainees in 96 countries, including detainees under the jurisdiction of international courts and tribunals;
  • The ICRC handled over 247,000 Red Cross messages, enabling family members separated by hostilities and other crises to restore contact, with more than 34,000 of the messages being exchanged between detainees and their families;
  • The organization facilitated over 357,000 phone calls between family members, often between detainees and their relatives.

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