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Brussels: Panel discusses challenges to humanitarian action

24-10-2013 Event

Event Info

Where: Brussels

When: 29.10.2013

The Swiss mission to the EU and the ICRC delegation in Brussels are convening a panel discussion on the challenges to humanitarian action to mark the ICRC's 150th anniversary celebrations.

The panel will draw together the EU commissioner responsible for humanitarian aid, the director of UNOCHA Geneva, the president of the NGO consortium VOICE and the president of the ICRC.

The participants will put forward their views and their approaches to these challenges, highlighting the divergences, the convergences and, hopefully, the complementarity of their action.

Access to victims is one of the major challenges that humanitarians are facing. The ICRC bases its access on neutral, independent and impartial humanitarian action, but not all humanitarian agencies understand these principles in the same way. The panel will discuss the meaning of "principled humanitarian action" and the challenges of applying humanitarian principles in practice.

How can we be relevant to tomorrow’s victims of conflict? How can we best help them?

Join us to discuss these topics at this event and, throughout the month of November, at a photo exhibition illustrating the work of the ICRC through history in 40 images in the Swiss Mission to the UE, Place du Luxembourg, Brussels.