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Philippines: Red Cross Award for Humanitarian Reporting 2013

30-08-2012 Event

For media in the Philippines, the "Red Cross Award for Humanitarian Reporting" aims to recognize stories and images that provide excellent insight into and responsibly depict the consequences of armed conflict and armed violence on civilians.

Event Info

Where: Manila

When: 17.09.2012-12.08.2013

Like the original contest launched in 2011, the second Red Cross Award for Humanitarian Reporting seeks to highlight respect for human dignity amid armed violence and to promote international humanitarian law, the rules that seeks to limit, for humanitarian reasons, the effects of armed conflict.

An initiative of the ICRC, the competition is held in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, with the support of the International News Safety Institute (Asia-Pacific office), The Peace and Conflict Journalism Network, the Philippine Center for Photojournalism  and the Rotary Club of Manila.

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