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New technologies and the modern battlespace: Humanitarian perspectives

06-03-2014 Event

The ICRC's first research and debate cycle will take place in Geneva and beyond from March to June 2014. Keep informed of upcoming events, podcasts, interviews and reference documents on this page.

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Where: Geneva and elsewhere

When: 25.03.2014-31.08.2014 (23:00)

In recent years, a wide array of new technologies has entered the modern battlefield, giving rise to new methods and means of warfare, such as cyber attacks, armed drones and robots.  While there can be no doubt that IHL applies to them, applying pre-existing legal rules to new technologies may raise the question of whether the rules are sufficiently clear in light of the new technologies' specific characteristics and foreseeable humanitarian impact.

Each of these new technologies raises a host of issues, which the first Research and Debate Cycle discusses. From March to June 2014, several public events were organized at the Humanitarium in Geneva and elsewhere, with a view to addressing the novel humanitarian, legal and ethical challenges posed by new technologies. This page compiles all podcasts, reference documents, publications and related links.

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