Côte d'Ivoire : Facts and figures (January-September 2013

18-12-2013 Facts and Figures

Côte d’Ivoire

Helping detainees

  • visited over 10,666 detainees during 159 visits to 60 places of detention, both provisional and permanent;
  • monitored the cases of 454 detainees in provisional places of detention;
  • treated cases of severe acute malnutrition and beri-beri in 21 prisons;
  • set up a nutrition monitoring system in 32 prisons;
  • distributed hygiene requisites and cleaning products to 9,445 detainees;
  • carried out anti-vector programmes in nine prisons;
  • partly renovated kitchens, store-rooms and/or water and sanitation systems in prisons at Dimbokro, Boundiali and Grand-Bassam.

Restoring family links

  • enabled 74 unaccompanied children and vulnerable young people who had taken refuge in neighbouring countries to be reunited with their parents.

Assistance to the rural population in western Côte d'Ivoire

  • distributed 90 tonnes of seed, plus agricultural equipment, to over 18,000 people who had returned to their villages near Taï;
  • distributed food to 606 people and household requisites to 1,806;
  • chlorinated wells and supplied plastic sheeting in communities affected by intercommunal violence;
  • helped 111 female heads of household to launch revenue-earning activities;
  • supported two hospitals and four health centres serving a population of almost 210,000, enabling them to provide 30,000 consultations, of which 12,000 were for children under five;
  • supported health teams that vaccinated 5,471 young children and pregnant women;
  • supported 64 community health workers, enabling them to carry out 660 community awareness-raising sessions on the theme of mental health, plus 5,908 individual sessions in 25 villages and seven camps;
  • supported medical personnel in six facilities, enabling them to detect and treat 140 cases of mental suffering;
  • helped improve the hygiene practices of 8,880 people, and helped them build latrines and/or improve their wells;
  • repaired or replaced manually-operated pumps serving 55,405 people in 16 villages, and trained water management committees.

Burkina Faso (with the Burkinabé Red Cross Society)

  • distributed essential household items to 1,772 Malian refugees in the province of Oudalan, northern Burkina Faso;
  • distributed 150 tonnes of millet, 30 tonnes of beans, 15,000 litres of oil and 3 tonnes of salt to 9,000 vulnerable families in communities hosting Malian refugees.