Haïti: one year after the earthquake, these children are still missing

12-01-2011 Feature

These children went missing following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010.

Their families have contacted the ICRC and the Haitian Red Cross for assistance in trying to find them. 

For their own protection, we cannot provide any details about them here – not even their names.

If you recognize any of these children, please note the reference number of the child and contact us on +509 3490 2221.

Thanks for your help!


child htp-100047 

© ICRC / ref. HTP-100047

child HTP-100048 

© ICRC / ref. HTP-100048

Child HTP-100087 

© ICRC / ref. HTP-100087


© ICRC / ref. HTP-100094

child htp-100050 

© ICRC / ref. HTP-100050