Afghanistan: Life in Lashkar Gah

10-04-2013 Feature

Lashkar Gah is at the epicentre of the conflict in southern Afghanistan. To help casualties, those displaced by conflict and the relatives of the missing, the ICRC has an office there. Its work is typical of ICRC activity across Afghanistan. The head of office, Arnaud Meffre, explains how his team helps. This is the second of four audio slideshows on ICRC activity in Afghanistan.



Arnaud explains how we help those who have lost their homes, how we help families stay in touch with detained relatives, and our efforts to locate and identify the missing. In Lashkar Gah we also offer health support, first-aid training, transport services for those war wounded otherwise unable to reach surgical care, plus livestock and livelihood programmes. It's a busy and far-ranging set of efforts to counter the effects of conflict in Helmand province.