New e-learning module on health-care legal protection in war

04-08-2014 Feature

Are you wondering what State obligations are during armed conflict? Are you a health-care worker curious about your rights and responsibilities in such situations? Are you an academic eager to use interactive learning tools, or a policy-maker or humanitarian worker bored by traditional training? Then the new e-learning module called “The legal framework” is what you are looking for.

It is a basic introduction to the legal framework applicable to health-care delivery during armed conflict, and it will allow you to gain an understanding of the need to respect and protect health care in such circumstances. Through interactive case studies, learning activities, animations and other media, it will guide you through the main legal principles and allow you to become familiar with common dilemmas faced by health-care personnel.

Developed by the ICRC thanks to the collaboration of its legal, medical and training advisers, this tool was created for a wide audience, with or without a law background. Access is completely free and no login is required. Thanks to its structure, it allows you to navigate freely according to your interests.

Ana, a young doctor working in a fictitious country, will lead you throughout the duration of the module. Would you like to meet her and start the adventure? The module is now available online. The module is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9 or later, and with Android tablets.