Canada and the USA: News and Notes, March 2011, Women's Day Special

08-03-2011 Field Newsletter

On this, the 100th International Women's Day, the ICRC calls on States to prevent rape in war. ICRC women and war advisor Nadine Puechguirbal reminds us that rape is not inevitable in war. We see how dance and theatre are reinforcing the message that rape victims need the support of friends and families. And we tell how one woman in Colombia has overcome rape and conflict to rebuild her life with the help of the ICRC.

In this special issue for the 100th International Women's Day:

  • Sexual violence in armed conflict: cruel, unacceptable and preventable
  • Sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: tradition opposes exclusion
  • Colombia: rebuilding a shattered life

ICRC Canada/USA Field Newsletter, March  2011, Women's Day Special