Battambang's prosthetic workshop (Trans-femoral prosthesis)

31-12-2000 FilmRef. V-F-CR-F-00581

The ICRC prosthetic workshop in Battambang, Cambodia was set up in 1991 to provide low-cost, prostheses to amputees, many of whom are victims of mines. This video follows the ICRC's process of fabricating a trans-femoral prosthesis for an amputee - from the first measurements, through to the final check.


The prosthesis is made from polypropylene, a material which is cheap, recyclable and easy to obtain and store - and for the amputee, the finished prosthesis is light and strong. This process has been standardised so that amputees in Cambodia and other war-affected countries can have their prostheses repaired or adjusted in workshops operated by other organisations.

  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 2000
  • Production locations: Cambodia
  • Running time: 14 min
  • Languages available: English, French
  • Type of product: DVD
  • Price: CHF 5.-
  • Reference: V-F-CR-F-00581