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Oslo Diplomatic Conference on an international total ban on anti-personnel landmines, 1-18 September 1997: report on the Conference


 1. Opening of the Conference  

The Plenary met on September 1 1997 at 11.00 hrs. The Conference was addressed by Mr. Jan Egeland, State Secretary of Norway and H.E. Mr. Bjørn Tore Godal, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

 2. Election of the President  

H.E. Ambassador J. S. Selebi, Permanent Representative of South Africa in Geneva, was elected President by acclamation.

 3. Adoption of the Agenda  

The agenda was adopted by consensus.

 4. Adoption of the Rules of Procedure  

The Rules of Procedure were adopted by consensus.

 5. Election of the Vice-Presidents  

The following delegates were elected Vice-Presidents by acclamation:

H.E. Mr. André Mernier, Belgium

Mr. Mahama Savadogo, Burkina Faso

Dr. Maria Francisca Arias, Colombia

Ms. Lam Mai Peng, Malaysia

H.E. Mr. Antonio de Icaza, Mexico

H.E. Mr. Johan Løvald, Norway

Hon. José U. Fernandez, Philippines

Mr. G. Punungwe, Zimbabwe

 6. Organization of the Work  

The President outlined how he planned to divide the work between the Plenary, the Committee of the Whole and the Friends of the Chair.

 I. International Convention on a Total Ban on Anti-Personnel Land Mines  

The President adjourned the Plenary meeting in order for the Conference to work in the Commitee of the Whole and Friends of the Chair groups.

The Plenary was convened again on Wednesday September 3 at 16.30 hrs. to hear an address by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan.

The Plenary met again on Tuesday September 16 at 12.00 hrs. Based on rule 25 of the Rules of Procedure, the Plenary accepted a proposal of the United States to suspend the Plenary for 24 hours for further consultations.

The Plenary met again on Wednesday September 17 at 12.00 hrs. and agreed to adopt the text.

The Plenary met again on Thursday September 18 at 10.00 hrs and formally adopted the attached text of the Convention. Delegations made statements which are attached to this report.

The Conference agreed to request the Secretary General to the United Nations to translate the agreed text into Arabic, Chinese and Russian. The Conference agreed that the translated texts should be cir culated to all potential Signatory States. The final versions of the Convention, in the six authentic languages, will be forwarded to Ottawa, Canada, by the last week of November for signature there from 3 December 1997 until 4 December 1997.

 II. Closure of the Conference  

The Plenary met Thursday September 18 at 12.00 hrs. The President of the Conference handed over the text of the Convention to H.E. Mr. Bjørn Tore Godal, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway. The Minister of Foreign Affairs addressed the Conference. The President closed the Conference.

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