C, Tracing and protection, 1870 - ongoing, 2298 metres of shelf space


The records of the tracing agencies set up by the ICRC between 1870 and the present day are grouped together in the section with an index number commencing with a C: Basle Agency (Franco-Prussian War), Trieste Agency (Russo-Turkish War), International Prisoners of War Agency (First World War), Spanish Service (Spanish Civil War), Central Prisoners of War Agency (Second World War) and the Central Tracing Agency (as from 1950).

In addition to general information on the activities of the tracing services, these records contain all the personal data gathered by the ICRC: lists, other documents containing names and alphabetical files.

Only two sub-collections in these records (C ESCI, Spanish Civil War, 1936-1940, et C PALE, Palestine, 1948-1950) and six series of C G2 sub-collections (Second World War) possess detailed inventories, which are available below.
Requests for information regarding a victim of a twentieth century conflict may be sent online to the : Agency archives.  

    pdf file     Inventaire C ESCI, Guerre d'Espagne, 1936-1940      (175kb)      in French only


    pdf file     Inventaire C G2 EXO, Alliés en mains japonaises, 1942-1948      (58kb)        in French only


    pdf file     Inventaire C G2 IB, Service ibérique, 1939-1982      (61kb)        in French only



    pdf file     Inventaire C PALE, Palestine, 1948-1950      (77kb)      in French only

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