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Former Yugoslavia: ICRC plans transfer of former detainees released after presidential pardon

05-06-1996 News Release 96/22

On Monday, 3 June, ICRC delegates from Zagreb began visits in Croatia to 64 former detainees who were released following the presidential pardon granted on 30 May 1996 and transferred to a temporary accommodation centre at Djakovo. ICRC delegates carried out pre-departure interviews with the men in order to facilitate their final transfer to a destination of their choice and reunite them with their relatives.

A total of 76 men were pardoned. According to the authorities, 12 of them chose to remain in Croatia after their release. All of the men pardoned had been detained in connection with the hostilities that took place in August 1995 in the former Sectors North and South.

During their stay at Djakovo all the men have been able to have private interviews with the ICRC delegates and send Red Cross messages to their families. For those in the centre who expressed the wish to remain in Croatia, the ICRC will arrange transport to the place of their choice there and inform their families. The names of all  the men who wish to go to Yugoslavia will be passed on by the ICRC delegation in Zagreb to that in Belgrade and family reunifications will be organized accordingly by the ICRC.

In Croatia, the ICRC continues to monitor the living conditions and treatment of more than 200 detainees in 14 places of detention who are held for security-related offences or charges in connection with the past conflict.