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Comoros: New ICRC visit to detainees

18-12-1997 News Release 97/50

In early December, an ICRC delegate conducted a follow-up visit to detainees being held on the island of Anjouan, in the Comoros archipelago, in connection with the clashes that took place there between government soldiers and separatist forces on 3 September.

After 30 detainees were released on 18 November, 27 people from the main island, Grande Comore,   were seen by the delegate, who came from the regional delegation in Pretoria. During the visit, which took place in accordance with the ICRC's customary procedures, the detainees received hygiene and leisure items. They also had the opportunity to write personal messages, which Comoros Red Crescent volunteers delivered to their families.

The ICRC has taken a keen interest in the mediation efforts pursued by the Organization of African Unity (OAU); in particular it closely followed the international conference that brought together the various parties concerned in Addis Ababa from 10 to 13 December.