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Tajikistan: ICRC assists typhoid victims in Garm

01-04-1999 News Release 99/13

In an effort to contain an epidemic of typhoid fever that broke out in Garm two weeks ago, the ICRC and the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan have provided assistance to medical facilities and launched a public awareness campaign throughout the area. Two-thirds of the 150 people so far infected have been hospitalized.

While encouraging the local authorities to take as much responsibility as they can, the ICRC has supplied the main hospital and several smaller ones with mattresses and blankets for 150 beds in preparation for emergency admissions, together with chlorine powder and tablets to treat the water supply, intravenous infusions and basic medicines such as antibiotics. The ICRC delegation in Dushanbe has so far sent two trucks to Garm with urgently required medical supplies and stands ready to provide further support if necessary.

An ICRC health delegate based in Garm is coordinating the response to the epidemic together with the local authorities and non-governmental organizations on the spot ( Médecins sans frontières , Pharmaciens sans frontières and the Aga Khan Foundation).

In addition to its delegation in Dushanbe, the ICRC has an office in Garm and one in Khorog. The organization has been working in Tajikistan since 1992.