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Peru: Peruvian police instructed in human rights law and international humanitarian law

24-06-1999 News Release 99/25

Twenty-six officers of the Peruvian national police force completed a course in human rights law and international humanitarian law on 21 June. The group comprised 21 commanders and other high-ranking officers (all men) and five sub-lieutenants (women), who were appointed according to seniority and were part of a recently created special unit.

The course lasted for five weeks, six days a week, during which the participants received full-time training to enable them to spread knowledge of international humanitarian law. Under a follow-up and advisory programme established by the ICRC delegate to Latin American police and security forces, the officers will in turn teach human rights law and humanitarian law to their colleagues across the country.

This is the first time that Peruvian police officers have received instruction in these branches of law. The training takes into account their specific tasks and emphasizes knowledge of basic rules that, as law-enforcement personnel, they are responsible for applying.