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Indonesia / East Timor: First family reunification from East to West Timor

16-03-2000 News Release 00/09

After a wait of several weeks, the first family reunification organized by the ICRC from East to West Timor took place at the beginning of March when an East Timorese woman and her baby were reunited with their husband and father at Kefamenanu (West Timor). Three other requests for family reunification have been received by the ICRC from persons wishing to leave East Timor for West Timor.

Since 24 January the ICRC has already transported 26 people, including 14 unaccompanied children, by land in the other direction, from West to East Timor, as part of its family reunification programme. The crossings from the western to the eastern part of the island take place at Batugade.

The ICRC is also arranging for the reunification of families between East Timor and other islands of the Indonesian archipelago. By 6 March, a total of 270 families had been reunited by the ICRC.