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Peru: Interministerial commission on humanitarian law

31-05-2001 News Release 01/21

On 23 May the ICRC delegation in Lima held a conference to discuss the importance of setting up a national mechanism to enforce the rules of international humanitarian law. The conference was attended by government representatives and members of the armed forces, the police and civil society.

The 70 participants included a member of the ICRC Advisory Service, a professor of humanitarian law and a representative of the Ministry of Justice. The latter concluded his presentation by announcing that the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs had decided to set up a national commission for the study and application of international humanitarian law.

" The establishment of such a commission, which will work on the adoption of national implementation measures, further demonstrates the government's willingness to comply with its obligations under humanitarian law " , said Graziella Leite Piccolo, ICRC communication coordinator in Lima.

The ICRC will have observer status in the Commission, which is expected to become operational in the near future, and provide it with legal and technical assistance.