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Chile: Launch of the educational project "Exploring Humanitarian Law"

22-11-2001 News Release 01/46

The first national training workshop for senior staff and teachers of the Ministry of Education involved in carrying out an educational project entitled " Exploring Humanitarian Law " in Chile's secondary schools was held from 13 to 16 November in Santiago. At the workshop, organized by the ICRC regional delegation for the southern part of Latin America, 25 professionals learned how to use teaching modules and other educational materials. The project, which was initiated by the ICRC to raise awareness of humanitarian issues among teenagers, centres on a course for that age group. This was the first step towards implementing the course at national level in any country.

The subject matter and teaching methods for the course, which comprises some 20 hours of activities relating to humanitarian principles and humanitarian action in situations of armed conflict and internal violence, were greeted with enthusiasm by the participants. Chilean Red Cross experts in communication, dissemination and training also attended the workshop with a view to cooperating with the educational authorities and learning to use the modules as part of their own programmes for young people.