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Tajikistan: Radio and theatre promote humanitarian law

20-12-2001 News Release 01/51

The ICRC delegation in Dushanbe is running a quiz show on one of Tajikistan’s most popular radio stations as part of a programme to raise awareness of international humanitarian law among students. The station will be asking a question about humanitarian law twice a week throughout December, and the first listener who phones in with the correct answer is asked more questions. At the end of the month the best callers from each week will meet head-to-head for a studio final, and everyone who has answered at least one question correctly will be invited to the delegation to receive a prize.

At the same time, schoolchildren are learning about the principles and mandate of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement as part of their curriculum. To support this drive, the ICRC has called in the director of Russia’s Mayakovsky Theatre to put on a play presenting the work of the ICRC in conflict situations. This new play has no dialogue, the young cast communicating their message by gesture and the interplay of sound and light. The premiere is scheduled for January.