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Croatia - Exhumed bodies identified

30-05-2002 News Release

ICRC (Belgrade) - With the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), 30 relatives of persons reported missing travelled today to the Republic of Croatia to identify - at the institute for Forensic medicine in Zagreb, mortal remains of 18 bodies exhumed last summer in Knin cemetery.

According to information confirmed today there were 12 positive identifications while for the other cases the families were enabled to give blood samples for DNA analyses to be performed in Republic of Croatia. The process of identification was monitored by two  official representatives of FRY.

Since last summer, this was the sixth group of family members that participated into the process of identification in RoC with the help of the ICRC and in co-operation with the Commission of Federal Government of FRY for Humanitarian Affairs and Missing Persons and the Government Office of the Republic of Croatia for Detained and Missing Persons. In total, 53 positive identifications have been achieved so far.