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Eritrea: Strengthening the National Society

15-01-2004 News Release 04/02

The ICRC recently donated three new field ambulances, a set of spare parts and other supplies and equipment to the Red Cross Society of Eritrea (RCSE) as part of its longstanding efforts to strengthen the RCSE’s emergency-response programme.

The RCSE is the only organization in Eritrea to run a free, nation-wide ambulance service for the general public. Since the service was set up two decades ago, the ICRC has been providing it with financial and material support. The latest donation brings to 15 the number of ambulances in the RCSE’s fleet.

In order to enhance the RCSE's capacity to respond quickly to any emergency or disaster situation in Eritrea, the ICRC also provided seven hospital tents, 70 family tents, 70 tarpaulin sheets for temporary shelter, 35 stretchers, 35 first-aid kits, 350 jerrycans for storing water and additional first-aid material. These supplies will be distributed among the RCSE’s six regional branch offices.

Together with the International Federation and various National Red Cross Societies, the ICRC will continue its efforts to strengthen the RCSE by providing it with funds, supplies, training and know-how.

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 Marçal Izard, ICRC Asmara, tel. ++ 2911 181 164 or 181 130