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International conference Martens Readings to be held in St. Petersburg

19-06-2009 News Release 129/09

St. Petersburg,– On June 25-26 an international conference Martens Readings covering IHL issues will be held at the Law Department of the St. Petersburg State University. This is an annual conference that will be held already for the ninth time.

The conference is organized by the Russian Association for International Law, St. Petersburg State University and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Over 100 leading professors and scientists working in the field of IHL as well as representatives of the national power bodies from Russia, CIS states, the Great Britain, Germany, Italy, China, USA, Switzerland and South Africa will take part in the conference.

Within the framework of the three sections of the conference the experts and participants will present their reports on such issues of IHL as contribution of the criminal tribunals in the development of IHL, private military and security companies working in the conflict zones as well as new armaments. The conference participants will also take part in the discussions, share their experience and present their viewpoint on the responsibilities of the states in ensuring IHL implementation at the national level.

The main goal of the conference is to promote further development of teaching methods and scientific work in the field of IHL in the leading universities of the CIS countries. The ICRC is actively cooperating with these universities with the purpose of supporting their academic studies. In 2009 the conference coincides with 150th anniversary of the Battle of Solferino in Italy which prompted the creation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. It also symbolizes the 150th anniversary of the world leading humanitarian movement. The 60th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions is also marked in 2009.

Among the conference participants there will be the president of the Russian Association of International Law Professor Ana toly Kapustin, prosecutor in chief of the Einsatzgruppen SS in Nuremberg Mr. Benjamin B. Ferencz, Scotland Supreme Courts Judge and presiding judge of the ICTY Trial Chamber Lord Bonomi as well as honourable president of the International Society of the Military Law and Law of War Dieter Fleck (Germany).

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