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Uganda: seed and agricultural implements for 100,000 people

11-03-2009 News Release 09/51

Kampala (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is launching a new project to help vulnerable people acquire seed and agricultural tools in selected areas of Acholiland.

Approximately 100,000 displaced persons returning to their homes in northern Uganda will receive enough seed to plant almost a hectare per family. This will be enough for them to grow half the food a family needs.

" These farmers have all been affected by conflict. Some of them have access to land but cannot afford to buy seed and agricultural implements. Fortunately, the situation is improving, so these products are available at most local markets, " explains Janet Angelei, ICRC Economic Security coordinator. " Most of what we distribute we buy locally, which should have a positive impact on the local economy. "

In western Amuru, almost 3,800 families will receive vouchers enabling them to buy quality seed and implements from local traders. Merchants will be required to sell certified seed, to ensure that the beneficiaries obtain a quality product.

In eastern Kitgum and eastern Pader, there are only small-scale seed vendors. In these districts, the ICRC will support more than 6,600 families by organizing seed exchange on local markets.The ICRC is working with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the ministry of agriculture to ensure appropriate organization and seed quality. The seed fairs will take place from 11 to 30 March.

At the beginning of March 2009, the ICRC also distributed seed and tools directly to 7,700 families in Orom sub-county, Kitgum district, where quality seed is not available in sufficient quantities. 

The ICRC has been working in Uganda since 1979 and has a field presence in the four northern districts of Gulu, Amuru, Kitgum and Pader. Peace is returning to the north of the country, so the focus of ICRC aid work is shifting from dealing with an emergency to helping people rebuild their livelihoods.


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