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Uganda: reliable water for 10,000 in Kampala

17-07-2007 News Release 07/02

From today, over 10,000 people reliable access to drinking water, thanks to a new ICRC-built water tank at the Luzira Prison Complex in Kampala. "The ICRC built the new tank to improve the water supply for the 4,500 inmates of Luzira’s four prisons.

We are very happy that a total of 10,000 people, including prison staff and their families, will ultimately benefit from this project, " said Beat Mosimann, the ICRC’s deputy head of delegation. He added: " The ICRC works to improve the living conditions of detainees in countries affected by violence all over the world. We have cooperated with prison authorities to bring safe water to prisons in a number of African countries, including Burundi and Rwanda. "
The old water tank had been leaking badly, wasting large amounts of water – and money. Less water in the tank meant less pressure in the pipes, making the prisons’ water supply unreliable. The new tank sits 12 metres above ground level and can hold up to 330,000 litres, providing a reliable water supply to the Luzira Prison Complex and minimizing wastage.
The ICRC funded the tank, with both the ICRC and the Uganda Prison Services (UPS) contributing to the technical aspects. In cooperation with the UPS, the ICRC delegation in Uganda is currently improving access to safe water in Gulu, Ruimi and Ibuga prisons.
As well as conducting protection and assistance activities for people affected by conflict in the north of Uganda, the ICRC is monitoring the material and psychological conditions of detainees in prisons, police stations and military barracks countrywide.
The ICRC discusses its observations regularly with the Ugandan authorities. These discussions are confidential.
In Uganda, as everywhere, the ICRC carries out its humanitarian activities in an impartial, independent and neutral manner.

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