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Bolivia: ministry of the interior and police renew cooperation agreement with ICRC

01-03-2012 News Release 12/42

La Paz (ICRC) - The Bolivian ministry of the interior, the Bolivian police and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have just renewed their cooperation agreement.

The document was signed on 29 February 2012 and will remain in force for three years.

"This cooperation agreement will allow us to work together on revising the implementation of international standards concerning the use of force, the protection and promotion of human rights and organizational policy, plus the question of how best to develop the training programme of the Bolivian police," announced Cédric Schweizer, who heads the ICRC's regional delegation covering Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Renewal of this agreement, which was originally signed in February 2010, will ensure that training continues for police personnel taking part in public order operations. The agreement will also allow for the setting-up of working parties to look at the use of force and the protection of the individual, training for prison officers and the creation of a steering committee that will help monitor progress on achieving the objectives of the agreement.

The agreement was signed by interior minister Carlos Romero Bonifaz, Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivian police Gen. Jorge Santisteban Claure and Cédric Schweizer.

Since 2010, 600 personnel from a range of police units have undergone training at 12 workshops organized jointly by the ICRC and the Bolivian police.

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