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Senegal: Gendarmes trained in law before departing for Mali

04-03-2013 News Release 13/36

Dakar (ICRC) – Before being deployed to Mali, a contingent of Senegalese gendarmes took part in a session organized in Dakar by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to raise awareness of international law-enforcement standards and of the need to protect civilians.

Within the international support framework that has been put in place, the role of the Senegalese gendarmes will consist in helping Malian security forces to maintain law and order with due respect for humanitarian principles.

"It is essential that the ICRC highlight for the members of this contingent the humanitarian consequences of an excessive use of force," said Christophe Martin, the head of the ICRC regional delegation in Dakar.

The awareness session provided an opportunity to inform the gendarmes of the humanitarian issues facing people in Mali and of the various activities carried out by the ICRC for communities suffering the effects of the conflict. It also served to remind the participants of the need for everyone to respect the ICRC's neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian work.

In Mali, the ICRC continues to remind all parties to the conflict of their obligations under international law.

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