Customary International Humanitarian Law

31-12-2006 PublicationRef. Customary International Humanitarian LawJean-Marie Henckaerts and Louise Doswald-Beck

This publication is the result of a major international study into current state practice in international humanitarian law in order to identify customary law in this area. Presented in two volumes, it analyzes the customary rules of IHL and contains a detailed summary of the relevant treaty law and state practice throughout the world. In the absence of ratifications of important treaties in this area, this is a publication of major importance, which identifies the common core of international humanitarian law binding on all parties to all armed conflicts. Edited by Jean-Marie Henckaerts (ICRC) and Louise Doswald-Beck (International Commission of Jurists)

See also: Customary International Humanitarian Law: Volume II (PDF format)


Customary IHL database

The results of research on customary humanitarian law conducted in 2005 are available in database form. This database provides rapid access to the rules of customary IHL and enables users to examine practice around the world. Regular updates will include further examples of national practice. The database can be accessed here: Customary IHL database.

  • Author(s): Jean-Marie Henckaerts and Louise Doswald-Beck
  • Copyright: ICRC and Cambridge University Press
  • Type of product: Book
  • Reference: Customary International Humanitarian Law

English : ICRC and Cambridge University Press, Vol I, 2005, reprint 2009 (Vol II, 2005, out of print). To order this publication, please contact Cambridge University Press directly.
French : ICRC and Bruylant, 2006, Volume I: Rules. To order this publication, please contact Les éditions juridiques Bruylant directly.

Volume I available in other languages: French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish