Council of Delegates 1999: Resolution 8

30-10-1999 Resolution

Children Affected by Armed Conflict

Council of Delegates of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Geneva, Switzerland, 29 - 30 October 1999

The Council of Delegates,

recalling previous Resolutions adopted by International Conferences and Councils of Delegates, in particular Resolution 5 of the 1995 Council of Delegates, and Resolution 8.1 of the 1997 Council of Delegates relative to the protection of children in armed conflict and the role and action of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in their favour,

 seriously alarmed by the increasing number of children involved in armed conflict and by the tremendous suffering endured by those children, and deeply concerned by the seriousness and magnitude of the long-term consequences and the need for physical and psychological rehabilitation of children affected by armed conflict,

 gravely alarmed and concerned by the fact that children even under the age of 15 years are recruited in armed forces and armed groups in violation of international humanitarian law,

 stressing the importance to raise to 18 years the minimum age for recruitment and participation in hostilities and to reinforce or develop the existing legal provisions,

 reaffirming the relevance of the objectives set out in the Plan of Action and the need to pursue efforts to ensure its full implementation,

1. takes note of the report “Children Affected by Armed Conflict” and the other work of the International Co-ordinating Group, set up to facilitate and monitor the implementation of the Plan of Action of the Movement, and thanks it for its work and contribution to actions taken in favour of children affected by armed conflict;

2. requests the ICRC, the International Federation and the National Societies to pursue and strengthen the implementation of the Programme concerning children affected by armed conflict;

3. invites all components of the Movement to better report on their activities in favour of children and to include this topic regularly on the agenda of all meetings of the Movement and urges the ICRC and the International Federation to re-examine the co-ordination mechanisms to make them as effective as possible and to develop with National Societies a consultation process aimed at reinforcing the commitment to children affected by armed conflict;

4. encourages all National Societies to support, particularly through contacts with their government, the adoption of international instruments implementing the principle of non-participation and non-recruitment of children below the age of 18 in armed conflicts with a view to such instruments being applicable to all situations of armed conflict and to all armed groups;

5. urges the ICRC and the International Federation in conjunction with interested National Societies and in consultation with specialised organisations to draw up guidelines for prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of children in their communities in order to give direction to National Societies in their work in these fields;

6. asks the ICRC and the International Federation to report on progress of the work and initiatives undertaken within the Movement at the next meeting of the Council of Delegates.

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