The ICRC in Guinea

19-12-2013 Overview

In Guinea, the ICRC protects and assists people affected by the violence that affects the country from time to time.

Protecting people

Working with the Red Cross Society of Guinea, the ICRC evacuates people injured during situations of violence. We also work with the National Society to reunite families split up by such situations.

During our visits to places of detention, we monitor detainees' living conditions and the treatment they are receiving, to verify that it is in conformity with Guinean law and international standards. The ICRC works with the authorities to improve conditions for detainees, especially as concerns food, health care and hygiene. We help detainees and their families to maintain or restore contact.

The organization raises awareness within the security forces of human rights and of the humanitarian principles that govern internal security. The ICRC promotes international humanitarian law and supports incorporation of this body of law into national legislation. We also support the incorporation of IHL and human rights law into the doctrine, training and operations of the armed and security forces. Our efforts to promote IHL and humanitarian principles also cover universities and civil society.


The ICRC supports six hospitals in Guinea, helping them boost their capacity to handle casualties during crises. We have provided training to both civilian and military doctors, focusing on war surgery. As a result, Conakry and N'Zérékoré Hospitals are now capable of treating people injured as a result of political or intercommunal violence, such as occurred in 2013. The Red Cross Society of Guinea has signed agreements with these six ICRC-supported hospitals concerning the evacuation of casualties to those facilities during emergencies.

The ICRC is supporting the construction and repair of water infrastructure managed by the Guinean water authority and the national water points service.

Cooperation with the Red Cross Society of Guinea

The ICRC is helping the Red Cross Society of Guinea increase its emergency-response capacity. We are also working with the National Society to promote respect for the red cross emblem, so that they can help people affected by violence more easily, more quickly, and in safety.

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