Facts and Figures

20-08-2013 Facts and Figures

Key Points

In 2012, the ICRC:

  • visited 10,280 detainees in 16 prisons in Madagascar (around 55% of the prison population) and 211 detainees in Comoros;
  • improved 1,000 detainees’ nutritional health by giving them high-energy food rations and ensuring access to medical treatment where necessary;
  • helped the prison authorities to set up a system to monitor detainees’ nutritional health;
  • facilitated greater respect for legal safeguards and improved the quality of health-care services in prisons;
  • boosted the capacity of the region’s National Red Cross Societies in disaster preparedness, first aid and the promotion of international humanitarian law;
  • organized, in conjunction with the relevant authorities, two training courses for police instructors on human rights principles applicable to the use of force in law-enforcement operations.