Access to education: Strategy

18 June 2018
Access to education: Strategy

Education supports children and communities to live their lives in dignity and achieve their potential.

For the ICRC, consolidating and enhancing its response to education needs in armed conflict and other situations of violence is a priority.

It consists of six objectives, and outlines the operational and policy measures required to achieve them by the end of 2020.

Its content is built on our understanding of the added value in enhancing access to education for children and young people, especially when this education has been disrupted by conflict or violence. This strategy also draws from the ICRC's Framework for Access to Education (A2E), taking into consideration the needs of affected populations and the key axes of engagement.

We hope that the objectives presented here, and their implementation in partnership with other actors, will give shape to our ambitions.


2018 - 2020 ICRC Strategy on Access to Education