After more than 20 years, over 1’600 people still missing in Kosovo

After more than 20 years, over 1’600 people still missing in Kosovo

Pristina (ICRC) – More than 20 years after the armed conflict in Kosovo, the families of more than 1’600 missing persons are still looking for their loved ones. Behind every missing person there are families suffering from the anguish and uncertainty of not knowing the fate of their loved ones and struggling with the multiple consequences this has on their lives. For every missing person, there are countless people missing them.
News release 29 August 2022 Kosovo

As a tribute to the families of missing people, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has this year partnered with Kosovo’s artistic community to produce a documentary that tells the stories of and depicts the current lives of three families of different ethnic backgrounds whose members have gone missing.

On the International Day of the Disappeared, the Head of Mission of the ICRC in Kosovo, Mr. Agim Gashi, said:

The ICRC appreciates the efforts made by the authorities in excavating several alleged gravesites in search for the remains of missing people and encourages them to accelerate the process where possible. Cooperation with all the stakeholders involved is key for achieving results. As in the past, this year as well, we call on the society at large and the authorities to think again what more they can do to help the families of missing persons.

In line with the international humanitarian law, families of missing people have the right to know what has happened to their loved ones, and the authorities have a duty to provide them with answers and support. As always, the ICRC stands ready to support the authorities in fulfilling their legal obligations in this regard and urges them to put the exclusively humanitarian issue of missing persons at the forefront.

However, it is the support and empathy of the society that is critically important to help the families of missing persons to cope with the pain. Therefore, it is high time for anybody who may have information that could lead to the resolution of any case of missing people to come forward. Time does not heal the agony of families of missing people, only answers do.


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