Aram Martirosyan, who survived an ERW accident.

Armenia: Documentaries about landmine survivors

Video 10 November 2021 Armenia

This documentary series is about people who survived accidents of landmines and explosive remnants of war. 


The first film of the documentary series follows Sose Grigoryan, a landmine survivor as she finds a crystal ball and decides to give it to her brother as a birthday gift. A movie about will, strength and love.

The second film is about Aram Martirosyan, a landmine survivor as he finds an unknown object, which turns out to be an explosive remnant of war.

The third film is about Ruben Parsadanyan, who lost his eyesight to a landmine explosion. "If my eyes could open for just a second, I would like my entire family to be seated right in front of me, so that I could see all of them at once. I fear that the moment might last too short for me to see them one at a time."