Annually, the ICRC purchases 250,000 solar lamps in China.

From China to the world: the journey of a solar lamp

Video 07 March 2024 China

Join us in a captivating journey with a solar lamp personified as a boy, from its birth in China, through distribution across the globe, and to its destination in communities worldwide, bringing light and hope to people in need.

Supeng Zhang, Procurement Team Leader in Beijing, sheds light on ICRC's procurement in China: Annually, the ICRC purchases 250,000 solar lamps, dispatching them to over 30 countries including Syria, Ukraine, Nigeria, and Libya. With approximately 20 million USD invested annually from 2020 to 2022, essential supplies like tarpaulins, tents, and jerrycans are sourced in China and distributed to regions the ICRC operates across the globe.

Solar lamp EN from ICRC on Vimeo.