Somalia: Supporting communities during protracted conflict

31 October 2016

Recurrent armed clashes, seasonal flooding and droughts are events that feature prominently in this year's Somalia humanitarian calendar. Against a backdrop of decades of conflict and political upheaval, delivering assistance to the thousands of affected families is quite challenging.

The ICRC takes a two-pronged approach: to deliver a quick respite to families caught up in emergencies and to build resilience within the communities. Jordi Raich Curco, who heads the ICRC's Somalia operation explains what this entails.

2016 Emergency humanitarian response

 Supported 18 hospitals and clinics with medical supplies to treat 4,000 wounded people
   Supplied a one-month food ration to 161,000 people and household items to 90,000 people
 Provided emergency access to water to 82,000 people