COVID-19 response in Ethiopia

Facts and figures: April to May 2020

The ICRC delegation in Ethiopia has rapidly adapted to the evolving reality of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and is stepping up its response to the crisis by integrating the virus as an important and new parameter in its operations.

The ICRC has been supplying infection prevention and control items and other essential products to vulnerable people including detainees, conflict-affected people, and people living with disabilities.

Together with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS), the ICRC is also providing COVID-19 prevention messages to the public using different media outlets.

Highlights of our work in April and May 2020:

Distributed 89,000 bars of soap and 229 handwashing stations to 31 places of detention.
Delivered 1,000 posters with COVID-19 prevention messages to 30 places of detention.
Provided essential supplies for 1,610 Ethiopian returnees from Saudi Arabia currently living at an isolation centre.
Supported 14 isolation centres and 4 primary health care facilities with PPEs to be used by health professionals.
Together with the ERCS, supplied infection prevention and control materials to 17 COVID-19 treatment centres.

For a detailed report of our work in Ethiopia, read the complete report.

Ethiopia COVID-19 response

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