Image d'illustration: Kasaï-central, Kananga ville, quartier Plateau. Sous l'œil expérimenté des agronomes partenaires du CICR, les agriculteurs apprennent à débroussailler les champs

Democratic Republic of the Congo: our work in 2018

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the International Committee of the Red Cross promotes respect for international humanitarian law and helps people affected by the conflict and violence, often working together with the Red Cross of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Article 25 February 2019 Democratic Republic of the Congo

We are also working to improve water and sanitation facilities, reunite separated family members and strengthen health-care provision for sick and wounded people, and victims of sexual violence.

From January to December 2018:

people received surgical care for weapons-related injuries, psychosocial support, physical rehabilitation, health and nutritional care in prison, and benefited from access to health-care centres, mobile clinics and hospitals.
people benefited from access to clean water or repaired facilities in prison settings.
people received food, cash assistance, vouchers, household items or agricultural support.
people who were deprived of their liberty received visits and families were reunited.
members of the armed forces and security forces, weapon bearers and members of civil society were given information about international humanitarian law.

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