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Egypt: Facts and figures, January – December 2018

Article 16 September 2019 Egypt

ICRC’s long-standing cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent Society has further developed with enhanced activities related to the International Red Cross and Crescent Movement’s Family Links Services and extended into the field of direct assistance to address humanitarian needs.

In 2018, the ICRC worked closely with the National Society in responding to the immediate needs of violence-affected people. Following the Egyptian Red Crescent Society’s distribution of ICRC aid to people affected in Sinai, the ICRC organised a workshop with its volunteers to further assess these people’s needs. The National Society and the ICRC then agreed on a set of short and mid-term activities for responding to the needs in Sinai and engaged in dialogue on this with the relevant authorities.

In 2018, through different activities and partnerships, the ICRC worked on: 

Egyptian Army officers, cadets and soldiers were introduced to International Humanitarian Law (IHL) through 22 dissemination sessions and training courses covering all army regional commands.
vulnerable migrant unaccompanied children received every month food and hygiene items to meet their needs, through cooperation with other organizations.
families (50,000 individuals) in North Sinai received Food Parcels, white flour and hygiene kits, while 4,000 families (20,000 individuals) received blankets, in cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC).
phone calls were facilitated to help migrant community members maintain contact with their loved ones abroad.